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Fr. Robert writes…


Mention ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ and it’s fair to say that what will come to mind is parades, wearing of the green, beer and the ‘proud to be Irish’ sentiment. Celebrations on March 17th are now more and more secular than religious. But who was the real Patrick? Is he relevant today?

St. Patrick was born in England around the year 400. He was taken captive at the age of 16 and brought to Ireland to work as a slave. He eventually escaped and felt the call to be a missionary to the Irish and bring the Christian faith here. He was unarmed, had no great wealth or power. He came in weakness and danger. His courage, simplicity and faith won the day. He had every reason to hate us Irish people yet he loved us. He brought Christian values and learning to Ireland.

As we Irish adjust to a different Ireland, ever more secular and with greater racial diversity, we could do well to remember St. Patrick’s best qualities. These include: openess to compromise, deep personal faith that the Lord is very near, courage, good use of symbols (shamrock), idealism, his return of love and forgiveness for hurt and injury. He has been an inspiration to many Irish people over the centuries. Not a bad checklist for ourselves – otherwise we risk reducing Patrick to the level of a vague cultural image. He deserves better.

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