Please consider supporting the pastoral work of Kinsale parish and the diocese of Cork and Ross with an online donation.

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You may also be interested in joining the parish tax refund scheme, where the parish can claim a tax refund on your donations with no extra cost to you. Please contact the parish office for more information (phone 021 4773821 or email

Until the Covid-19 pandemic, our parish met our budgetary needs thanks to the generosity of successive generations of Catholics. People have made it possible for our parish to meet all our bills and priests have been supported also with offerings from the people.

But a lot has changed since March 2020.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has led to the repeated closure of our church for Sunday Mass for considerable periods of time. As a result, people have been unable to contribute to the upkeep of our parish faith community through the weekly Offertory Collection. 

We are now piloting new ways through which people can contribute financially. The weekly offertory collection helps pay most of our bills: light and heating for the church, insurance, supplies, general maintenance, the parish office, parish wages, day to day bills. 

A percentage of the offertory collection is forwarded to the diocese of Cork and Ross for diocesan funds which help the diocese to resource parishes in the areas of Mission and Ministry, Catholic Education, Safeguarding, Financial Management, GDPR compliance, vetting services etc.

Station Offerings and Dues

The priests of the parish receive most of their income from donations of parishioners at stations and Christmas and Easter offerings. With these donations the priest pays his living and ministry expenses.

You may also hand in your donation to the Church, Parish Office or Parochial House.

The Weekly Envelope collection system will continue.

Thank You.