Other Churches

Catholic: The Carmelite Friary, Kinsale

The Carmelite Friary is located just above the ancient and beautiful town of Kinsale. Carmelites are associated with Kinsale since the early fourteenth century.
Tel: 021 4772138

Church of Ireland: Saint Multose church

Rev Peter Rutherford
Tel: (021) 477 2220

This 12th Century church, dedicated to the patron Saint of Kinsale, was probably built on the site of an earlier 6th Century church of the same name. It was here that Prince Rupert proclaimed Charles II as King of England, a proclamation repeated at the close of the Cromwellian period 11 years later.

Methodist: The Methodist Church

“Forward with Christ through Worship and Witness”

Rev Andrew Robinson

Web: www.irishmethodist.org/kinsale

Tel: (021) 429 2503